Janel Bragg Fine Art


I am primarily self-taught through fourteen years of experimentation in various mediums and through studying other artists and artworks, mostly from books I bought from my library bookstore and also our local used bookstore in Anacortes, Washington. I paint what moves me and what is within my immediate reach, whether it is a dead bird at the foot of my stairwell, or a girl looking though the windows at a train station. Working quickly and spontaneously from my own photography and imagination adds life and movement to my paintings. My work has been shown in galleries in Washington State, New York and Pennsylvania, including being juried into the 76th Annual Open International Exhibition of the Northwest Watercolor Society. My work has also been reproduced and hangs in the suites of the Shelburne Hotel by Affinia in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City.

Comments from people about my art:

"A very different and exciting use of watercolor."

"and what I love about your art, and this is from my heart...it's honest..natural...special...keep going. :)

"Please keep in touch as most of the artists I collect are dead :)"

"By the way, your paintings are very powerful and delicate at the same time. I think they tell a lot about your personality. I love your art. Brava!"

"Your art talks back. You are living in paint."

"Janel, you know how to get to the heart of a scene."

"Your paintings are confident, tender, clear, ambiguous, great."

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