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Dimarco.Art Planaltina-DF Brasília Distrito Federal, Brazil | Jan 20, 2018

Toujours cette magnifique poésie, superbe!

Jacques Peyrelevade France | Apr 21, 2015

Hello Janel! I am very glad that you wrote to me! Your works still are pleasing to the eye, pleasure, happiness and big identity! I wish you all the best and the most beautiful in this world!!!

Julia Musina Russia | Nov 10, 2014

Merci de votre message. J aime votre travail, il est empli de simplicité et de messages. La couleur intervient au bon moment. Il y a beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir vos œuvres. Belle continuation. Véronique

Veronique Naffetat France | Mar 16, 2014

Very good work , i like +++ , very nice , best wisches for 2014

Lebreton-Hays France | Feb 24, 2014

it's a pleasure to visit your artwork ..! thank you for your nice words and happy New Year 2014

Khadija Sadek Moudafi Germany | Jan 7, 2014

This gallery is a true lesson in poetry. Charming!

Jacques Peyrelevade France | Oct 30, 2013

thank you for your nice comment.so long......MAI

Mai France | Jul 24, 2013

j'aime beaucoup votre travail, vos aquarelles sont très belles, légères, et pures, vous nous offrez votre pays, merci.

Mai France | Jul 24, 2013

Parabéns tua arte é genial! vou acompanhar teus trabalhos! Abraço.

Marcelo Camargo Caxias do sul, Brazil | Mar 9, 2013

Ciao, Janiel, un saluto dalla sicilia e complimenti per le opere!

Alberto C. Favara, Italy | Feb 19, 2013

You have done a wonderful job on your page. Your art is beautiful.

Jim Biles United States | Jun 27, 2012

Much like, look and not forget

Julia Musina Russia | Dec 23, 2010

Love your work. Can't wait to see your showing next year.

Connie United States | Jul 26, 2010

congratulations for your work, I like them and find them very significant if you want you can visit my site juanita capogna

Juanita Capogna Valenzano (BA), Italy | Feb 24, 2010

You have wonderful and beautiful paintings!

Cierra Decamp United States | Dec 27, 2009

thanks for your kind comments about my work. I enjoyed your works as well. Bill

williamdunn | Dec 17, 2009


Jacqueline Faucil | Oct 14, 2009

Your dad taught me in the sixth grade. I was googling him since we had lost contact several years ago and found you. I love your work! Will look around at more of it.

Christy United States | Jul 22, 2009

You are getting better and better When you keep on doing it More And MORE.....

Cierra Decamp United States | Jul 7, 2009

You have a lot of wonderful art works.

Albert Sellaman Australia | Jun 12, 2009


红居堂画廊 天津市, China | May 8, 2009

I love your work and I love you! my favorite one is the taxi road=-) Cierra anne decamp

Cierra Decamp United States | Mar 24, 2009

You have great intuition. I envy your talent. Keep on keepin' on!

Heather | Jan 4, 2008

I like the expressions on the people that you create....very cool.

Kenny United States | Jan 4, 2008

I apologize. I am in the United States.

Kashia | Dec 18, 2007

I Love your art work. It is incredible and unique. You are gifted.

Kashia | Dec 18, 2007

Hey again. Showed my hubby yer work! We love it...he liked the bottle laying on the psych couch..(hard times) I love the fast city photo inspiration paintings with the taxi's.

Meghan Mccauley United States | Dec 6, 2007

Hi. I am pleased with your work. I haven't browsed it all yet, but I really like the pattern layout in "hot in the city"! Keep up the great work~

Meghan Mccauley United States | Dec 6, 2007

Felicidades Janel- Veo que te estás animando a enseñar tu trabajo- Lo haces muy bien. Mucha suerte Pepe Madrid

Pepe Madrid Spain | Jul 3, 2007
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